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New Belfast Office Opens
13 March 2019

Our sister company, Oracle Environmental Experts NI Ltd, is now up and running. Paul Guy, Managing Director, and Chris Duclayan, Senior Remediation Engineer, joined in November last year and worked hard to get the new Belfast office and equipment up and running. Fiona McMillan, Principal Consultant, and Carole Pavis, Accounts Manager, joined the team in January.

Oracle Environmental Experts awarded Corporate Responder of the Year
10 March 2019

Oracle Environmental Experts has been awarded the Corporate Spill Responder of the Year by the UK Spill Association, the national trade body for the oil and chemical spill response industry. The award, chosen by an independent jury with the aim of encouraging recognition of outstanding work in the oil spill industry, was given to the company for its work on responding to and cleaning up a gasoil spill at a large commercial site in the West Midlands. The rapid response from the OEE team, including the deployment of gasoil recovery systems within 24 hours of instruction, prevented any off-site migration of the gasoil.

OEE announce local sponsorship deal!
1 Aug 2017

Newtown Sports Cerebral Palsy Football Team

OEE are really proud to be sponsors of the Newtown Sports Cerebral Palsy Football Team based in Malvern. The team is a cerebral palsy junior football club for children aged from 5-11 and you can find out more about the team and follow their progress at the following link.

OEE are recruiting!
2 June 2017

We are looking to appoint a Senior Environmental Consultant to join the growing team in our Malvern Office.

Find out more

OEE present at ENA 2017 Conference
21 May 2017

OEE are looking forward to joining forces with Capture Green Environmental Solutions Ltd (Capture Green) to present at the Electricity Networks Association (ENA) annual Safety, Health and Environment Management (SHE) conference on the 24-26 May 2017 in Birmingham.
OEE and Capture Green will highlight the issues faced by the electrical distribution industry in relation to working with or on contaminated land. The presentation will provide an introduction to the management of contaminated in the UK, the associated risks Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) may face and will also highlight solutions that are available to treat existing contamination and to prevent future incidents.

OEE achieve UK Spill Accredited contractor status
14 Apr 2017

OEE have passed our UK Spill Accreditation Audit and we are now a UK Spill Accredited Contractor! We have been assessed and approved for the following modules: Module 1 - Basic Spill Response Module 2 - Fresh Water Spills Module 3 - Ground Water Spills Module 8 - Contaminated Soils You can find out more here.

OEE Remediation system deployment
15 Mar 2017

OEE have deployed remediation systems to address oil contaminated soils and waters, fertiliser contaminated water over the last few months. Our water treatment systems have included heating oil contaminated groundwater recovery systems comprised of top-loading, submersible and diaphragm pumps passing contaminated water through oil-water separators and granular activated carbon filters, as well as bespoke filtration systems to remediate fertiliser contaminated waters.

For the treatment of heating oil contaminated soils we have designed and installed several bespoke soil vapour extraction systems to remediate soils and structures.

Another new addition to the team!
6 Feb 2017

Our newest member of the OEE team is Luke Boulton, who joined the company in January 2017. Luke has joined the team as Senior Remediation Engineer and will be leading the development of our in-house soil and water remediation capabilities.

Luke comes to OEE with a wealth of hands-on experience in the design, build, operation and maintenance of remediation systems deployed on contaminated sites. With Luke's knowledge and experience, our in-house capabilities include NAPL recovery, SVE, DPVE, MPVE, in-situ chemical oxidation, bioremediation and groundwater recovery and treatment.

Working alongside the rest of the team, Luke will also be leading the company's remediation research and development work and we are confident that Luke will significantly enhance our remediation service and capability.

OEE delivers spill prevention and response training
31 Jan 2017

Last week OEE delivered spill prevention and response training to Speller Metcalfe, a national building contractor based in Malvern. The training was arranged to increase the awareness and capabilities of Speller Metcalfe's site managers and contractors, often first on the scene in the event of a spill. The training included health and safety during spill response, siting of oil storage infrastructure, environmental risk assessment, implementation of spill response, containment and recovery methods, and a summary of legislation relating to spill prevention, enforcement and waste management.

OEE Achieve ISO9001:2015 Accreditation
7 Dec 2016

OEE have recently achieved accreditation to ISO9001:2015 through the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Managing Director, Dr Jon Burton, commented "We've worked hard over the last 12 months to ensure that we achieve this quality management accreditation. Not only does this demonstrate a commitment to delivering a quality service, but achievement of accreditation to the new standard also demonstrates a real commitment listening to feedback from our customers and clients, ensuring that we are continually improving and innovating."

Download ISO9001:2015 Accreditation

Gary Wood joins the team at OEE!
28 Sept 2016

After completing a degree in Biology from the University of Leeds, Gary worked as a Site Manager for Oceans ESU. Gary was based on a large oil field in South Sudan and worked in a team of two managing a large reed-bed bioremediation system. Gary gained significant experience in bioremediation as well as other remedial strategies for large quantities of hydrocarbon-contaminated produced water.

Gary transferred to the Oceans ESU head office in June 2014 and worked as an Environmental Scientist with duties relating to brownfield remediation and reed bed treatment, VOC air monitoring for resin flooring application as well as regular shifts of site management in South Sudan. After gaining significant experience within the company’s UK operations Gary returned to the South Sudan working as Field Manager. His main duties were oversight of the project, final say on field-based decisions such as hydraulic management strategies, training and management of new and existing staff and all manner of client liaison. Gary has joined the team at OEE as an Environmental Consultant and we are confident he will be a hugely valuable addition to the team.

OEE, QuestGates and BLM host Environmental Claims Workshop
29 Jul 2016

Oracle Environmental Experts are pleased to be joining with QuestGates and BLM in hosting an Environmental Claims Workshop at the Contamination Expo 2016 being held at Exel in London in October 2016.

The workshop will cover key aspects in the handling of environmental claims and will explore incidents ranging from oil, chemical and slurry spills to major fire incidents. Using real examples the speakers will explore aspects relating to the response, investigation and remediation of these incidents, and will highlight how the costs associated with these incidents can be best managed. The seminar will also highlight the legal implications of not managing environmental risks covering recent environmental case law.

Jim Nicholl joins OEE!
21 Jul 2016

We are pleased to announce that Jim Nicholl has joined the team at Oracle Environmental Experts as an Associate Consultant. Jim is a senior Health, Safety and Environment professional with over 10 years’ experience in the sector. Jim has worked for the Environment Agency in a regulatory position and more recently in senior Environmental and Health and Safety roles within UK Power Networks. Jim holds qualifications from IEMA including that of Lead Auditor and also holds NEBOSH General Certificate and Prince 2 project management qualifications.

Jim is based in Pembrokeshire and is assisting OEE with work throughout Wales as well as developing environmental training, auditing and due diligence services."

Becky Wadley joins the team!
20 Apr 2016

Becky is an MSc qualified engineering geologist and has joined the team at Oracle Environmental Experts as a junior environmental consultant. Becky recently completed her MSc in Engineering Geology from University of Portsmouth and will be commencing her career in the field of contaminated land with OEE.

Becky has a BSc in Geology from the University of Southampton as well as her MSc in Engineering Geology from the University of Portsmouth, where she achieved a distinction. Since leaving university, Becky has gained experience working in a psychologist's office, liaising regularly with solicitors, clients and doctors and was trusted to handle confidential material. Becky is enthusiastic, adaptable and keen to learn new skills and she has already proven to be a valuable addition to the team.

Oracle Environmental Experts Ltd offer a comprehensive range of in-situ and ex-situ Remediation Services for large and small contaminated sites.
14 Jan 2016

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and knowledge of contaminant behaviour in the subsurface and combined with our practical application of a wide range of remediation techniques, we can deal with some of the most challenging sites.

OEE have a huge range of experience in the design and implementation of remediation schemes on large and small sites and you can find a summary of our services here.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any interest in these services.

Oracle Environmental Experts welcome Sam Perkins
4 Dec 2015

In November 2015, we welcomed Sam Perkins to the team at Oracle Environmental Experts as an Environmental Consultant. Sam is an MSc qualified hydrogeologist with experience in the brownfield investigation, remediation and spill response sectors.

Sam's previous experience includes the completion of Phase I and Phase II site investigations as well as supervision of remediation works on brownfield sites including petrol filling stations, rail depots, landfills and quarry sites. He also has extensive hands-on experience of commercial and domestic spill incidents having worked for one of the UK's leading spill response and remediation firms.

Sam has a BSc in Geology and Geography and an MSc in hydrogeology from the University of Birmingham.

Oracle Environmental Experts deliver UK Spill accredited training courses
14 Oct 2015

Last week, over 3 days, nearly 50 engineers from a major UK Power Generator Specialist, attended Oracle Environmental Experts (OEE) UK Spill Accredited training courses on spill response and site investigation. OEE specifically tailored these courses for the Generator Specialist, giving their engineers a head start in the unlikely event that they have to deal with a spill incident.

The training was arranged to increase the awareness and capabilities of the engineers who are often first on the scene in the event of a spill.

The spill response training covered topics including health and safety considerations during spill response, environmental risk assessment, implementing a spill response, methods for containment and recovery, and a summary of relevant legislation including oil spill prevention, enforcement powers and waste management legislation.
The spill investigation training covered topics including sampling strategies, use and maintenance of on-site screening tools, sample storage and handling and interpretation of results.

If you are interested in receiving similar UK Spill accredited training courses delivered by industry experts, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Oracle Environmental Experts featured in UK Spill 'Spill Alert' Issue 15
7 Oct 2015

In the current issue of the UK Spill Association's trade magazine 'Spill Alert', Oracle Environmental Experts Ltd propose the creation of a technical information portal for dealing with inland oil spill incidents and also gain recognition for their recently accredited training courses on spill response and investigation.

Download the full magazine

Oracle Environmental Experts awarded UKSpill Approved Training status
21 Aug 2015

Oracle Environmental Experts have been awarded status as UK Spill Approved Training Providers for their training courses in Basic Spill Response and Soil Sampling and Field Screening. The courses were recently submitted to UKSpill for approval in accordance with UK Spill standards and in their feedback the UK Spill Assessor stated

"Experience shows through on the course material and the PID and sampling modules are very informative. The information contained within the course is all of high quality and presented well"

If you are interested in receiving training on spill response and related site investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Oracle Environmental Experts Ltd is celebrating its 1st anniversary this week!
5 Aug 2015

It's been an exciting year and we've worked on a lot of really interesting projects including provision of expert advice on contamination associated with oil spills in the Niger Delta, expert reviews of the environmental impacts from waste wood fires and glass recycling operations in the UK, and provision of technical support relating to the investigation and remediation of numerous oil spills on domestic and commercial sites across the UK and Ireland.

Over the coming year we hope to consolidate our position as a highly respected environmental consultancy, building on our reputation as environmental experts particularly in the oil spill response, environmental claims, utilities and brownfield development sectors.

Thanks to our clients who we've worked with over the last year and we look forward to continuing to deliver a high quality service.

Here's to the next 12 months!!

Oracle Environmental staff are looking forward to attending the following events over the coming months:
22 June 2015

CIRIA, Contaminated Land and Extreme Weather Conditions on 29 June 2015. CIRIA and the Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change (ARCC) network, have devised this event to review how recent extreme weather conditions, in particular flooding, have affected the design and delivery of contaminated land projects in the UK. The event will explore the impact of extreme weather events on the mobility of contaminants, the effectiveness of remediation processes and risk management and how to make contaminated land remediation projects more ‘flood proof’ in the future. More information can be found on the CIRIA website here:

CIWEM, Shale Gas and Integrated Water Management, on 7 July 2015. The conference will look at the perceived risks of shale gas extraction to the environment and the management of these risks. Speakers will also discuss the use of best available techniques (BAT) of produced and flow back waters, monitoring and management of extractive waste and integrated water management. You can find out more information on the CIWEM events page here:

Brownfield Briefing, Environmental Claims conference on 14 September 2015. The aim of the event is to 'provide an update on environmental law and solutions to mitigate your risk and liability'. You can find out more information on the event here:

20 year anniversary conference of the Oil Care Campaign
20 June 2015

Oracle Environmental staff had a good day at the 20 year anniversary conference of the Oil Care Campaign on 4 June and were proud to join in with celebrating the great work done by all involved.

OEE are looking forward to exhibiting at the 20 year anniversary conference of the Oil Care Campaign at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 4 June 2015
18 May 2015

The Oil Care Campaign is a joint initiative between the UK environmental regulators, trade and professional bodies and industry. The Oil Care Campaign aims are:

  1. To develop and provide guidance for domestic, commercial and industrial users on the safe handling, storage and recovery of oils, to reduce the environmental impact of spills from poor practices in the storage, use and disposal of oils.
  2. To promote improved infrastructure for the collection of used oil from the public.
  3. To raise awareness of oil recovery through promotion of the Oil Care Code, the Oil Bank Information Line (03708 506 506), the Oil Bank website ( and provision of Oil Care information on oil product packaging, in car maintenance manuals, oil storage tanks etc.

You can find out more information about the Oil Care Campaign and the 20 year anniversary conference at the following link

Oracle Environmental Experts Ltd @ Interspill 2015
1 April 2015

Dr Jon Burton spent 24-26 March at Interspill 2015 exhibiting alongside OPEC and the UK Spill Association. As well as the trade exhibition there were some very informative conference papers presented on sessions including Arctic spill response and recovery, use of dispersants, inland spill response and remote sensing. The whole event was well organised and we would recommend it to anyone involved in the oil spill industry wherever you are based in the world.

Oracle Environmental Experts achieve Altius Accreditation
18 March 2015

In March 2015 Oracle Environmental Experts Ltd were awarded approved vendor status by Altius (award no. 527036). Altius are an independent company whom complete vendor assessment on behalf of specific clients. Vendors are assessed on the basis of a commercial questionnaire and a risk management questionnaire which includes detailed assessment of health and safety procedures.

OEE are now an Altius approved vendor for the supply of professional environmental consultancy services.

Oracle Environmental Experts are exhibiting at this year's Interspill conference on 24-26 March 2015 alongside the UK Spill Association.
9 March 2015

Interspill is one of the triennial international oil spill conferences with ISCO and SpillCon and is the leading European oil spill conference and exhibition. The conference will look at issues associated with future oil spills, and will provide a platform for industry, academia and government to meet, discuss and network.
You can find out more information on the event here

We look forward to seeing you there!

Oracle Environmental Experts have teamed up with QuestGates loss adjusters to provide an innovative range of Environmental Risk Services to the insurance industry.
3 February 2015

The joint venture between OEE and QuestGates was announced recently through a press release from QuestGates.
The services are being launched as QuestGates ‘PREVENT - Environmental Risk Services’ and comprise an innovative range of services in the insurance industry also aimed at providing property owners and occupiers with reassurance that environmental risks and liabilities have been adequately identified and assessed. In addition, where required, recommendations for improvements to reduce the likelihood of an environmental incident occurring will be provided to the owners/occupiers and their insurers, which may also reduce insurance premiums.

It is intended that the services will be of particular value to insurers, brokers and their clients in the agriculture, property investment, commercial/industrial and high-net-worth sectors.

Through the combined experience of QuestGates and OEE the joint venture will be taking a proactive approach either pre-insurance policy inception or during the course of a policy term and will identify likely environmental risks, their scale and potential consequences and then provide a plan for remedial action to minimise the risks, thus ensuring that they are adequately managed and controlled.

Further details of the 'PREVENT - Environmental Risk Services' are available on the flyer which can be downloaded here.

UKSpill 15 Annual Conference, Exhibition and Dinner
3 February 2015

The UKSpill 2015 conference, exhibition, AGM and Dinner is taking place at Donington Park on 3 February 2015. The conference will be opened by Dr Jon Burton, current UK Spill Chairman, and the flyer at the following link contains details of the exhibition and conference programme which includes presentations on spills and pollution incidents from a regulatory, insurance and legal perspective and case studies from UK Spill members and supporters including spill responders and product manufacturers.

Details of how to register can be found on the event flyer and at the UKSpill web-site.

Dr Jon Burton appointed OHES Technical Advisor
August 2014

OEE are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Jon Burton as technical advisor to OHES Environmental, a leading environmental claims management, spill response and contaminated land management company.
OEE will be providing a wide range of technical support including advice on groundwater flow and contaminant transport, hydrocarbon investigation and remediation and human health, environmental risk assessment and expert witness services.

UK Spill Association Corporate Members
September 2014

OEE are full corporate members of UK Spill, the UK trade body representing companies, organisations and individuals working in the oil and chemical spill response industry.

CL:AIRE Technical Members
September 2014

OEE are technical members of Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments (CL:AIRE). CL:AIRE is an independent not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 to stimulate the regeneration of contaminated land in the UK.